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Wigwam Tipi Top

Wigwam Tipi Top

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A wigwam is a place where a child can feel independent, the master of his own space. In such a house, the baby can take his favorite books, toys or invite friends. It is comfortable not only to play in the wigwam, but also to relax. Thanks to the soft foam mat (2 cm thick), the child will not freeze and will be able to immerse himself in the world of his imagination

The product is made of natural breathable material - half linen. Convenient collapsible design of polished solid birch racks makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the frame. The main lace securely fastens the racks to each other, and for a more stable position, additional ties fix the wigwam at the base.

The kit is packaged in a suitcase box that is convenient for transportation and carrying, so it can be installed not only at home, but also taken with you to nature.

Recommended for children from 3 years old, depending on the individual needs of the child, it can be used at an earlier age.

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