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R5 (3+ years)

R5 (3+ years)

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R5 - indoor play gym and jungle gym, for kids and whole family

Ceiling height range: 2.25 m - 2.82 m (7'5'' - 9'3'')

Ceiling types: gyprock, drywall, plywood - with studs, concrete.

Max weight allowed: up to 220lb (100kg)

Include: gym ladder, rope, gym rings, trapeze and pull up bar.

High European quality, ISO 9000 + 1 year warranty.

Children's sports complex R5 is a modern Swedish wall, indoor playground and jungle gym. No need to drill into the wall and attach a frame to kids jungle gym. The R5 gym playground has a height-adjustable pull up bar, which is mounted on reliable modern clamps.

The child grows - you can rearrange the horizontal bar higher. There are special massage steps for steps, they exclude slipping of the legs and arms and develop fine motor skills. One of the best gym for kids ever.

Installation instruction:

R5 English version
R5 French version
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