Conditions d'utilisation

Let your kids know how to play in complete safety

  • Do not walk near or in front of moving objects or between two objects.
  • Do not twist and turn the ropes on which the swing is held, do not swing the swing empty, do not loop them around the crossbar.
  • Do not swing sideways to the associated swing.
  • Do not twist and turn the strings that hold any other material support.
  • Avoid improper use of the equipment.
  • Do not leave the equipment while it is in motion.
  • Do not climb or swing with wet hands, or when the equipment is wet (for example, after cleaning).
  • Do not apply any hammers, saws, nails, wrench to the equipment.
  • Do not climb on the upper support of the swing.
  • Do not adapt elements that were not designed to play equipment specially for this equipment, such as (the list is not limited): skipping ropes, clotheslines, leashes, cables and chains. They can cause asphyxiation.
  • Watch other children when you swing on a swing or when you cheeks next to the equipment.

Adults must in addition

  • Install a height limit for climbing and tipping in accordance with the capacities of each child.
  • Dress the children in clothes suitable for the games. Put on the shoes comfortable with non-slip soles, comfortable clothing (exclude chains, scarves, hooded clothing, clothing with laces, ties, poncho etc.).
  • Any part of the child's clothing that becomes tangled in the material can cause serious injuries.
  • Check the attachment security of the accompanying material.
  • Remember that children have an inventive spirit. When they invent the games of hazard, be prepared to change the rules.